La Dory is a biscuit brand from the cradle of French biscuits – a cultural region in the north-west of France, Brittany. Many biscuit factories and brands started in Brittany and dominated the French market as well as go across continents due to its traditional way of making with local salt butter.

In every La Dory biscuit, it is inspired by the image of French family tradition when moms make home-made biscuit herself for their beloved from the best quality and the most delicious ingredients to have the perfect cookie at home.

La Dory is proud to be a biscuit brand that earns IFS food standard which is given for highest quality & safety products globally. All biscuits are produced under advanced technology in most innovative manufacturer in Europe and every single chosen ingredient is the best from French home. Therefore, La Dory promises to all modern mums would give their beloved the best biscuits, making everyone become happy and healthy.