We offers 3 flavours of Petit Beurre with 6 SKUs

Petit Beurre (Pure butter biscuit (200g & 300g), Petit Beurre (50g & 25g), Dark Chocolate (150g) & Milk chocolate (150g).

Petit Beurre (200g)

Original crispy butter biscuit, with exclusively delicious taste and crispiness

Petit Beurre (300g)

Original crispy butter biscuit, convenient with smaller packs inside

12 packs x 3 biscuits

Petit Beurre (50g & 25g)

Still original crispy butter biscuit but more convenient with smaller packs

50g : 2 packs x 3 biscuits
25g : 1 pack  x 3 biscuits

Milk Chocolate (150g)

Original crispy butter biscuit, covered with delicious milk chocolate (48%)

Dark Chocolate (150g)

Crispy biscuit covered with premium dark chocolate. More chocolate than the biscuit itself!